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The PM tec training philosophy is to leverage the extensive project management expertise of our training staff in the development of our curricula and materials in order to deliver the most timely, applicable and effective courses possible to our clients.  All PM tec instructors are active project consultants in government and industry.

We have developed an extensive selection of courses, to address the training needs of each member of the project management team.

Our courses are also designed to address the competency and skill level of each of our students. Most courses work in conjunction with other courses; each providing the foundation to improve the skills, and capabilities of the student as they progress through a series of classes as described in the figure below.


All project management courses offered by PM tec are registered with the Project Management Institute (PMI) enabling the student to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) to be applied to credential maintenance under PMI’s® Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program.

As a Registered Global Education Provider, PM tec complies with the criteria established by PMI to ensure that each course is consistent with PMI’s global standards. PMI requires that each Registered Education Provider demonstrate organizational maturity as a project management training provider and provide evidence of quality product design, delivery and content.

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