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Project Recovery Team

It is not uncommon for a project to experience significant schedule and/or cost variances in the first few months of the project, or when entering a new project phase. In many cases, the best course of action is to analyze those variances and develop a recovery plan before those variances grow too great to overcome. In other cases, an organization may determine that a project has varied from its baseline to such a degree that a project re-plan is necessary.

In either case, a PM tec Project Recovery Team™ can help the project get back on track. Leveraging PM tec’s proprietary tools and methods, the Project Recovery Team’s experienced project managers and project controls analysts will conduct a team review and work with individual team members to review the baseline project plan, analyze project actuals and variances, review project management-related business practices, and develop a set of recommendations for implementing a project recovery plan.

The Project Recovery Team™ will conduct a review of project management baseline, PM process Issues, non-PM processes, functional management, organizational and business culture influences, as well as economic, environmental, and regulatory impacts to project performance.

Deliverables of the process may include a Project Recovery Plan / revised Project Execution Plan, an updated project management baseline, amended risk register, revised project management requirements and processes, and training recommendations and a training plan as needed.

The team will implement specific metrics intended to ensure the efficacy of the recovery plan and to allow adjustments to the proposed solutions as necessary.

Should the customer desire additional support in implementing the recovery plan, the PM tec team can assist in developing or modifying schedules and estimates, defining and documenting revised business practices, and conduct training or workshops as required.