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Project Risk Analysis and Management Training

Course No. TBD
Cost: $1,995 per Student
Prerequisite: None
Course/Skill Level: All

Attendees will demonstrate and apply the six PMBOK® Guide processes of project risk management.  They will learn the purposes and methods of risk management planning and employ both opportunities and threats and the use of the risk breakdown structure in risk identification. They will demonstrate qualitative risk analysis methods of ranking risks by probability and impact and the use of those results to prepare risk response methods. They will employ quantitative analysis methods of cost and schedule risk and decision tree analysis, solving case studies using manual analytic methods. They will observe and be able to explain modern quantitative risk analysis software.  They will recognize the characteristics of the mature project risk management organization. This course covers the Project Risk Management knowledge area of the PMBOK® Guide. Case studies for attendee completion in class are included.

This course is offered by David T. Hulett, Ph.D. FAACE

Davidd Hulett is recognized as a leader in developing concepts and methods for quantitative project cost and schedule risk analysis and practicing them on large commercial and government projects. He has conducted many project risk analyses and has developed and presented several training courses focusing on quantifying the risks and their implications for project cost and schedule. He works with companies developing the sophisticated, powerful and fast software for schedule and integrated cost-schedule risk analysis using Monte Carlo methods. He has performed many schedule assessments benchmarking schedules against GAO’s Scheduling Guide best practices. 

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